2022 - Gardenwork

~ birds love it ~



2022 - The Red Tulips & Backyard Benching

a post pandemic silence



2021 - Lamp construction entrance Korzo Theatre - The Hague

design: Loes Schakenbos



2021 - Urland - Elckerlijc


regie: Ludwig Bindervoet

spel: Elyne Notebaert, Jimi Zoet, Marijn Alexander de Jong, Paul van Soest, Phi Nguyen, Rikki Besse, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Valerie Jane

decor: Edwin Kolpa

licht: Hendrik Walther

kostuum: Hanne Pierrot


a teaser

a brilliant rap and a trailer


scène-photos © Bart Grietens


~ a ritual ~


Slaugthering block for the White Man



previous thoughts on the basement, the crematorium and the pit


The wall, cartoonesk icon for 'church', in reference to "Cauda Pavonis" (on Antonin Artaud) and "Spectatorship"

both with Bruno Listopad



2021 - Alex Ploeg - Ego


regie: Peter van de Witte

spel: Alex Ploeg

decor: Edwin Kolpa

licht: Yuri Schreuders



snapshots at montage

Show Your Balls

○◎ even when they're not equal! Or too heavy or too expensive ◎○



2021 - Ingrid Berger Myhre - In Other Words

performers in particular: Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld, Chloe Chignell, Thomas Bîrzan and Ingrid Berger Myhre


~ Ingrid mirrored my love for non-lineair-composition ~


on the other hand ...... twelve weeks earlier, five months after and twenty-eight days before: paper experiments with suitcase-travelling in mind

eventually an accumulation of traces, a delaying and disruptive pandemic included

©Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard

for the record: since 2017 I travelled near, or over 23.000 kilometers for/with IBM ❤



2020 and 2021 - Corona Boredom .....



2020 - Dansateliers - Tables


Tables Dansateliers Rotterdam

||| simply copying the window frames |||




2020 - Rundfunk - Todesangstschrei


regie: Peter van de Witte

spel: Yannick van de Velde, Tom van Kalmthout

decor: Edwin Kolpa

licht: Bart van den Heuvel


scène-photos © Bram Willems




pre-cooking in the kitchen